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Data Backup Services

Nothing can be most critical to your business than your data which is your key business asset. Fox Data Services Technologies provides advanced, dependable, and a comprehensive range of backup solutions to protect your data.

We provide full Data backup support for file systems, databases (Informix, Oracle, Sybase), MS SQL, IBM and DB2 individual files and applications. Our data backup infrastructure utilizes Compaq DLT tape storage technology and Bacula Backup Solution, to name a few.

The process initializes with assessment of your data requirements and accordingly commencing data backup and restores schedules. We get the backup software properly installed on each customer server needing backup.
Full back-ups schedules are organized once every two weeks with Incremental backups being done six times a week. The tapes get overwritten upon expiry of 2-week period.

Fox Data Services Technologies Data Restore schedules are activated within 15 minutes of client request reaching our Network operation center. Customers are required to inform in writing for any additions of new applications directories, file systems, and file names for backup.

Key Advantages

The new features in SharePoint 3.0 provide better ease of use and even more functionality. Business benefits of SharePoint 3.0 include:

Minimized backup windows
Reduce backup windows to reduce impact on your application and system availability.

Quicker backup & restores
Restore your main applications in minutes instead of days and meet your aggressive backup windows.

Reduced business risk
Reinstate your data accurately and real fast with inbuilt hardware redundancy & RAID protection.

Reduced costs
Save on infrastructure costs with through cost-efficient low-cost monthly subscription services.

Improved IT efficiency
Save crucial hours of staff time and enhance user productivity.


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