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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is considered a very effective marketing tool available to small, medium and enterprise level businesses. If you invest a small amount of money and even smaller amount of time, you can get brilliant results from email marketing.

The importance of Email marketing cannot be overstressed. According to DMA Interactive, "54% of small businesses surveyed rated e-mail as the top online promotion to drive site visitors and customers to their web sites and storefronts."


100+ professionally designed email newsletter templates

Personal hosting area for images

Surveys, auto responders, and Signup Forms

Easily set up, organize, and leverage

Track the performance

Benchmark Email has whitelist agreements with major ISPs so our clients can enjoy industry-leading deliverability.

Use one of our 100+ professionally designed email newsletter templates or one of your own for beautiful permission-based email marketing campaigns

Your personal hosting area for images to be used in your Benchmark Email campaigns

Track the performance of your email blasts at a glance with our charts and graphs that are populated in real time

Easily set up, organize, and leverage your mailing list to boost your email marketing into overdrive!

Benchmark Email combines sophisticated features such as surveys, autoresponders, and Signup Forms into one easy-to-use all-inclusive product

If you have a tight marketing budget, email marketing gives you the most affordable way to reach out to prospects and customers globally. In contrast to Direct Mail, Email Marketing is 20 times more cost-efficient and cost you as little as few pennies per mail.

Email Marketing is also an effective way to reach your clients, visitors, and prospects as you can proactively communicate with them instead of passively waiting for them to turn up on online store or website. Emails dispatched in bulk to customer and prospect list can actually enhance the ROI of customer retention programs and lead generation.

The best part of Email campaign is that the response is real fast and mostly within 48 hours and it is measurable. You can actually know how many people clicked don the link or how many people opened the mail. Fox Data Services Technologies can do email campaigns for your business providing you excellent HTML templates, targeting capabilities, list segmentation, automatic tracking and reporting.

Stand out from the crowd and get ready to take advantage of email marketing campaign with Fox Data Services Technologies for increasing your business revenues.


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