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Many hosting companies usually find they already host anything from 10 to 10,000 SSL Certificates. Unless these SSL Certificates are bought directly from the hosting companies themselves, it is lost potential revenue. Hosting companies who offer SSL Certificates in their hosting packages or as a value add option gain the immediate benefits of increased revenues and a more complete and "sticky" product portfolio.

SSL Program features at a glance:

  • Instant discounts and strategic partner pricing
  • Full range of SSL products and brands with price points to meet all your customers requirements
  • Easy online ordering and customer management
  • Ajax or XML APIs
  • Control Panel automation plug-ins for WHMCS.php, Hosting Controller, Ubersmith...
  • Flexible business terms - PAYG, bulk, commits & unlimited licensing deals
  • Dedicated Marketing Assistance - we help you grow your business following best sales & marketing practices


Fast & Economical

As low as $174/ Year
Quick issuance SSL Certificate with true 128bit - 256bit strong encryption. Trusted by all browsers and devices - SSL without any fuss!


Full Company Vetting

As low as $249 / Year
Pro level SSL Certificate with true 128bit - 256bit encryption. Full organization vetting provides higher levels of trust.

Extended Validation SSL

Activate the Green Address Bar!

As low as $699.50 / Year
The highest level of SSL trust - visitors see the green bar and enhanced trust means enhanced sales. As used by Virgin Atlantic, BT Shop, Dabs and more.

Wildcard SSL

A flexible way to use SSL

As low as $595 / Year
Secure unlimited subdomains with a single Wildcard SSL Certificate. Available as an option for DomainSSL and OrganizationSSL.

UC Certificates

Multi-Domain SSL (SANs)

As low as $199 / Year
A single Certificate to secure multiple domains, IPs, and hostnames. Ideal for Microsoft Exchange & Office Communications.

Managed SSL Services

Manage Multiple SSL
Manage the full lifecycle of multiple SSL Certificates through the SSL Managed Service platform, with issuing, reissuing, renewing, revoking, reporting and billing made easy across numerous departments and office locations..
  • To secure online credit card transactions
  • To secure online system logins, sensitive information transmitted via web forms, or protected areas of websites.
  • To secure webmail and applications like Outlook Web Access, Exchange, and Office Communications Server.
  • To secure workflow and virtualization applications like Citrix Delivery Platforms or cloud based computing platforms.
  • To secure the connection between an email client such as Microsoft Outlook and an email server such as Microsoft Exchange
  • To secure an extranet. Example: Your business partners login to private or personal information
  • To secure an intranet. Example: You have multiple offices that share confidential information
  • To secure the transfer of files over https and FTP(s) services such as website owners updating new pages to their website or transferring large files.
  • To secure hosting control panels logins and activity like Parallels, CPanel, and others.
  • To secure intranet based traffic such as internal networks, file sharing, entrants, database connections.
  • To secure network logins and other network traffic with SSL VPN's such as VPN Access Servers or applications like the Citrix Access Gateway.
  • Comply with privacy and security requirements


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