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Java Reseller Hosting Plans

Our Hosting Plan
Rs. 679 /month
Rs. 979 /month
Rs. 1599 /month
Rs. 2099 /month
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What's This?Web Space 10 GB 25 GB 50 GB 100 GB
What's This?Data transfer/Mo. 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
What's This?Websites 20 50 100 Unlimited
What's This?Customers (Seperate Cpanel) 10 25 100 Unlimited
What's This?Email ID Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
What's This?SubDomain Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
What's This?MYSQL(DB & Space) 50 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
What's This?Dedicated JVM RAM 128 MB 512MB 2 GB 3 GB
What's This?Tri-Annually (3 yrs) Rs. 679/mo.
Save 15%
Rs. 979/mo.
Save 15%
Rs. 1599/mo.
Save 15%
Rs. 2099/mo.
Save 15%
What's This?Bi-Annually (2 yrs) Rs. 719/mo.
Save 10%
Rs. 999/mo.
Save 10%
Rs. 1799/mo.
Save 10%
Rs. 2699/mo.
Save 10%
What's This?Annually (1 yr) Rs. 799/mo.
Save 10%
Rs. 1099/mo.
Save 10%
Rs. 1999/mo.
Save 10%
Rs. 2899/mo.
Save 10%
What's This?Half Yearly (6 mths) X Rs. 1099/mo. Rs. 1999/mo. Rs. 2899/mo.

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