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Java Hosting Plans

Our Hosting Plan
Rs. 399 /month
Rs. 499 /month
Rs. 799 /month
Rs. 1199 /month
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What's This?Web Space 2 GB 10 GB 25 GB Unlimited
What's This?Data transfer/Mo. Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
What's This?Websites 1 10 20 Unlimited
What's This?Email ID 40 E-Mail Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
What's This?SubDomain 40 Sub Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
What's This?MYSQL(DB & Space) 5 10 20 Unlimited
What's This?Dedicated JVM RAM 64 MB 128 MB 512 MB 1000 MB
What's This?Tri-Annually (3 yrs) Rs. 399/mo.
Save 15%
Rs. 499/mo.
Save 15%
Rs. 799/mo.
Save 15%
Rs. 1199/mo.
Save 15%
What's This?Bi-Annually (2 yrs) Rs. 499/mo.
Save 10%
Rs. 599/mo.
Save 10%
Rs. 899/mo.
Save 10%
Rs. 1499/mo.
Save 10%
What's This?Annually (1 yr) Rs. 599/mo.
Save 10%
Rs. 699/mo.
Save 10%
Rs. 999/mo.
Save 10%
Rs. 1699/mo.
Save 10%
What's This?Half Yearly (6 mths) X Rs. 799/mo. Rs. 1099/mo. Rs. 1899/mo.

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