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100% Uptime Cloud Hosting Plans

Cloud computing is a centralized computing technology which involves providing dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources as a service over the Internet. Cloud server hosting services are delivered from a cluster of network connected web servers. Cloud computing technology has eased out the process of individual installation of applications and is more efficient with one of its prime features being centralized storage, memory, processors, and bandwidth allocation.

Cloud server hosting solutions also reduce the overhead cost of server hardware and other applications, and are suitable for companies that are looking forward to cut their cost. In short, Cloud computing can also be defined as fully redundant and multiserver systems which are easily scalable and can be virtualized on demand.

VMware is a hosted virtualization platform that installs like an application on any existing server hardware, and partitions a physical server into multiple virtual servers. Multiple virtual servers share the main server's hardware resources without interfering with one another so that several operating systems and applications can run safely at the same time on a single physical server. VMware's Fault Tolerance and High Availability features help remove even the smallest disruptions in the event of hardware failures along with its Distributed Resource Scheduler feature that continuously monitors virtual machines and physical servers.

eNlight Cloud
0 p/m (Pay per consume)
VMware Cloud
2,199.00 p/m
Hyper-V Cloud
2,199.00 p/m
CPU Allocation +0 to 24 Nos 800 Mhz 800 Mhz
Guaranteed RAM +0 to 72GB 512 MB RAM 512 MB RAM
Hard Disk Space 30 to 200 GB 20 GB 20 GB
Monthly Bandwidth +0 to UNLIMITED 50 GB 50 GB
Operating System Linux / Windows Linux / Windows Windows
cPanel / WHM and Plesk Optional Optional Optional
Number of Dedicated IPs 2 IPs 2 IPs 2 IPs
Root SSH / RDP Access
Managed Cloud Server
Uptime Guarantee 100 % Uptime 100 % Uptime 100 % Uptime
Free Setup
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
24x7 Support

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